Booking Appointments 

New Clients - To book a service please email me here
Existing Clients - To book treatment sessions and other services please click here 
    *Services Available*
💚15minute Free Zoom - Meet / Q&A
💚 Initial Consultation - (approx 75mins)  - £150.00
💚 Tic Management Sessions - (approx 45min sessions) - £65 
💚 Tic Management Maintenance - (40mins session) - £50.00
💚 Parent Support Session- (40min session) - £50.00
💚 Well- Being Session- (approx 40min session) - £50.00
💚 School Observation - Currently Unavailable 
💚 Group - Self Esteem & Resilience 6 week programme (30min sessions) - £150.00

I offer free 15minute consultations and run many events for free, I'm driven by my passion of empowering our children and educating families, However, I'm often offered money for these services and reminded by families that I should charge as I'm not a charity. That said, I wish to continue to offer these services for free, but if you would like to make a donation, you can do so here. Thank you in advance.