Subsidised CBiT Therapy Application.

Subsidised CBiT Therapy for individuals and  families on low income.

As a result of the most amazing donations, your fundraising, gifted funds and funding schemes we aim to reduce the cost of CBiT to as many families as possible. 

The number of families we can support on the subsidised rate will vary month to month depending on what donations and funding is available. 

If you fit the criteria below, apply now and be added to the waiting list to access CBiT therapy for half the usual rate.

If you do not fit the criteria, you can book CBiT at the usual rate via the booking page. 

Would you like to support us? you can make a one off / monthly donation at the bottom of the page, or you can fundraise and support us that way. Maybe you work for a large company who may like to do a work based fundraiser or collection?

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What is your diagnosis
Are you in receipt of benefits?
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