Services Available 

Tictock Therapy specialises in Tic management using CBiT and other science based therapy.

Alongside this Tictock Therapy runs Educational workshops and training for parents and professionals

Tics/ Tourette's Services
For Parents/ Carers & Those with Tics


Q&A / Meet&Greet 

These sessions are a great place to start, we meet via zoom, discuss you/ your child and make a plan on how best to move forward. 

Initial Consultation 

These are run before any therapy begins to access suitability and to ensure we are using the correct therapy for the individual. 


Tic Management Sessions (Tics/ Tourette's)

Using Comprehensive Behaviour intervention for Tics (CBiT).

These therapy sessions are suitable for both adults and children with a tic disorder, including Tourette's.  These sessions are used to teach you how to manage painful, high frequency and problematic tics.

Other  therapies used are Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) and Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT)

Tic Management Sessions (Functional Tics / FMD)

These sessions are used to help the young person to understand what functional tics are, why they may have started and why they are still happening.


Parent Support 1:1 Sessions

These sessions are for parents to be able to learn, rant, explore and access support when raising a child with tics

Parent & Professional Workshops

These are suitable for groups of parent/ carers, teachers and anyone else who would like to learn more about Tourette Syndrome.  These can be run over one day or split into mini sessions. 

Topics covered: what is Tourettes / Tic disorder, co-morbidities, rage, what does the future look like and what to do whilst waiting a diagnosis

Children with Tourette's Workshops

These workshops are suitable for a child with Tourettes or Tic disorders. These sessions are run in groups of approximately 6 children, they are  used to educate the child about the disorder and meet other children with tics.

School Observation

School Observations include me liaising with teachers, carrying out an hour observation in class and writing a report, which includes findings and strategies bespoke to your child


Psychoeducation and Self Esteem sessions

These sessions are used to educate your child about tics, learn how to deal with comments and stares, learn to be confident to tic in public, ie in school. This is a 6 session programme - focussing on education around tic disorders, resulting in building self esteem and resilience. 

Includes a 50 page printable workbook.

Session 1: What is Tourette's 
Session 2: Common co-occurring conditions 
Session 3: Environmental factors & Tic frequency 
Session 4: Relaxation techniques 
Session 5: Coping with your Tics & Others 
Session 6: Consolidation of programme 

Co-Occurring Conditions Services

ADHD Coaching

Support Strategies based on executive dysfunction, this includes;




Time Management Strategies Including the use of a visual and auditory support system

Emotional Regulation Support to help with Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria and Poor Perception/Self Esteem

Ways to Support and regulate your sensory system and Hyperactivity (Including Internal Sensory Issues)


OCD- Comorbid Support/Anxiety Support

Support Based on changing the continuous cycle of a negative outcome and risk, unpicking the internalised systems and controls that our brains use as a way of coping

Anxiety Management 

Support Strategies used based on The Zones of Regulation (Based on an individualised approach)

Using Visual Support Systems to de-clutter the chaotic mindset


Autism/Communication Support

Strategies based on an individualized approach, working with visual and sensory support systems. The coaching sessions will look at ways in which we communicate both verbally and non verbally, we will look at triggers such as social anxiety, unpredictability, intolerance of uncertainty. 

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Training for professionals including schools, groups, work placements and more, please email to organise

Other Organisations 

regularly run workshops for other charities and organisations, please email or to organise.

1:1 professional support 

Working with schools, helping them support specific young person

Working with organisations to support them with their employee. 


“Sarah is like magic! My daughter and I can’t thank Sarah enough for the help she’s given us over the last few weeks. She’s given My daughter tools that will last a lifetime to help her manager her tics and we saw a dramatic improvement in just 2 sessions. Sarah is friendly, understanding and very skilled. Sarah also helped me as a parent to understand what my daughter was going through and helped me to be more empathetic and in turn improved our relationship. If you are in 2 minds to book, don’t be! You won’t regret it.”