A poem: Rage

When he was young,

Before we knew,

He would scream & rage,

We didn't know what to do,

As time went on,

And he grew,

The anger got worse,

We hadn't a clue,

Finally some answers,

A diagnosis for him,

We started to learn,

Why he couldn't control his limbs,

Tourette's, ADHD,

Anxiety too,

The triggers of his rage,

We were learning what to do,

As things got worse,

Medication was started,

A change began,

He & his anger slowly parted,

Fast forward to now,

Growth & hormones fuel,

The little boy and his anger,

Start to re duel,

As a mum to an angry boy,

Who's mind doesn't rest,

I look at the local services ,

To see what to do best,

Yet it seems there is no help ,

For him or me,

Tell me its going to be ok ,

'Cos right now I'm on my knees.

 Tictock Therapy

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