Coprolalia, Copropraxia & Coprographia

Let's learn about the copro subtype group of tics.

💚 Coprolalia - one of the most common known symptoms of Tourettes. However it actually only affects a small % of individuals. Coprolalia is when you involuntarily say/ shout profanities. 💜 Copropraxia - also known in the wider community as a symptom of Tourette's. Copropraxia is when you involuntarily make derogatory hand gestures. 💛 Coprographia - A less known symptom of Tourette's and subtype of the Copro family. Coprographia is when you involuntarily make vulgar writings or drawings. Coping with any of these symptoms can be a challenge, whether you're in school, work, home or have a child with any part of the copro family. The best way forward is to educate your child school, work colleagues, family and friends about this part of Tourette's, let them know nothing said or done is meant and inform them that the best way forward is to ignore these tics. Due to the suggestibility of any tics, by highlighting them, it can cause them to increase and intensify.

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