Tic Attacks

Tic attacks are often under reported, within the Tourette Syndrome Spectrum. These episodes are described as sudden, rapid bouts of tic movements. These can laser anywhere between 15minutes up to several hours. There is minimal research out there but these 'attacks' are very real part of Tourette Syndrome These episodes can be extremely debilitating, and distressing for both the patient and the observer. These 'attacks' are often unsuppressible, long lasting and can appear to be more like an 'epileptic fit' then tics. Tic attacks are more likely to happen if you have a high tic severity score plus other co occurring conditions such as ADHD and OCD. It is thought tic attacks are moments of panic/ anxiety and a combination of both tics and functional neurological movements Tic attacks can be severe enough to need to be admitted to A&E Many people report that after a tic attack, their muscles hurt, their body is exhausted and they feel completely wiped out and drained.

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