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A grandparents review - 12 week tailored support and therapy packages.

You may or may not be familiar with our new 12/16 week solution focused, tailored support and therapy packages.

Just incase you aren't familiar, you can learn more here

As part of these packages, we can tailor them to fit you/your family's needs/ goals/

Today as part of one of our running programmes I ran a short workshop with the grandparents of a 10yo boy with tics +

Creating mini workshops for family members is just one of the ways in which we can adapt our therapy and coaching packages to ensure the individual with tics is being supported holistically.

In this mini workshop, we covered the basics of a Tourette's, and how the different symptoms of Tourette's present within their grandson.

We then went on to explore the reasons as to why we shouldn't discipline tics or other symptoms of his neurodiversity. How to identify what is/ is not a tic or other neurodiverse symptom and lastly gave them the opportunity to give real life situations, and ask questions.

Here's what they thought,

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