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Completing Tic Management

What support is available?


Neurodiversity coaching with Alison

ADHD Coaching

Support Strategies based on executive dysfunction, this includes; Motivation Initiation, Procrastination Time Management Strategies, Including the use of a visual and auditory support system 

Emotional Regulation Support

To help with Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria and Poor Perception/Self Esteem, Ways to Support and regulate your sensory system and Hyperactivity (Including Internal Sensory Issues) 

Autism Communication Support

Strategies based on an individualised approach, working with visual and sensory support systems.


The coaching sessions will look at ways in which we communicate both verbally and non-verbally, we will look at triggers such as social anxiety, unpredictability, and intolerance of uncertainty and help you learn ways to manage these symptoms to reduce the impact they have on tic frequency.

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