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Sarah Sharp

Founder & Director of Tictock Therapy C.I.C
CBiT Therapist

My name is Sarah. I am a mum to 2 children with tics, a 14yo boy and a 10yo boy with a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome and a cocktail of co-occurring conditions. I have lived first hand with the battles we have to face as a parent, firstly getting a diagnosis and then finding the support that both our children and our family unit require.

Secondly, I am a professional who works in behavioural interventions, my back ground is Autism, an area I have worked in for many years, both in schools and delivering behaviour therapy in clients' homes & clinical settings. 

After my son was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, I became fascinated by how complex and intricate Tourette's is and how successful behaviour intervention can be for individuals with Tourette Syndrome so swiftly retrained in this area.

Due to the limited services available in and around England for children with Tourette's, I set up Tictock Therapy offering affordable behavioural intervention and support in 2018.

I have been nominated (2020 & 2021) for a National Diversity Award, as a role model in the disability sector.

I was also the winner for excellence in the health care sector in 2020 - PACC


June 2018 & December 2021 ~ Comprehensive Behaviour Intervention for Tics (CBiT), Tourette's Action

September 2015 ~ July 2017 Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis, University of Kent.

September 2014 ~ December 2014 Registered Behaviour Technician training 
September 2013 ~ August 2014, Certificate of Education in Autism, Birmingham University. 
6th/7th June 2012, Team Teach
2012~2013, level 4 diploma social work with families and children. Passed at Distinction level.

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Alison Wombwell
In house Coach at Tictock Therapy
ADHD & Neurodiversty Coach

My name is Alison, I am a dual diagnosed Autistic and Combined ADHD Coach, Trainer, Support Practitioner and Published Author.


I was diagnosed in my thirties, after both my daughters were diagnosed with Autism. Since their Autism diagnosis, other co-occurring conditions followed including ADHD, Learning Disability, Tic Disorder and Dyspraxia.


I have firsthand experience of both being a parent/carer and as a female adult diagnosed.

Professionally, I have worked in the mental health/care sector for over twelve years. I have experience of working with Adults with complex mental health conditions including Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and Autism.


Academically I have obtained qualifications BA (Hons) in Childhood and Youth, Certification in Best Practice for Autism, ICF Certified ADHD Coaching Qualification, Confident Hearts Wellbeing and Care Coaching Qualifications.

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