Upcoming Events

  • Sudden Onset Support Group
    13 Jul, 09:00
    Support from parents of children with a sudden onset of tics
  • Tourette's & Tic Disorders - Parent/ Carer Workshop
    17 Jul, 10:00 BST
    - What are tics? - What can cause tics? (Organic / Functional /Autoimmune - Brief overview of Common Co-Occurring Conditions - Should I get a diagnosis? / Why a diagnosis maybe useful? - How do environmental factors impact tics? - Tics at School - impacts & strategies and much more!
  • Age 7-13 Self Esteem & Resilience online/ group programme
    27 Jul, 16:00
    Be Educated, meet others and feel empowered 6 week programme- all 4pm Tuesday 27th July Tuesday 3rd August Thursday 12th August Thursday 19th August Tuesday 31st August Tuesday 7th September
I offer free 15minute consultations and run many events for free, I'm driven by my passion of empowering our children and educating families, However, I'm often offered money for these services and reminded by families that I should charge as I'm not a charity. That said, I wish to continue to offer these services for free, but if you would like to make a donation, you can do so here. Thank you in advance.