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Behaviour Therapy for Tics - CBiT

Tictock Therapy provides therapy for children and young adults who have Tourette Syndrome and/ or Tic Disorder. At Tictock, therapy is delivered using behaviour change methods such as Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT),  Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) and Comprehensive Behaviour Intervention for tics (CBiT). CBiT Tic Therapy is recommended as a first line intervention by the American Academy of Neurology. 
Did you know all Therapies can be delivered via Telemedicine 

Tictock also provides workshops for parents, professionals and children with Tics, parent Support, Self Esteem sessions, School Observations (which include reports to aid teachers with strategies bespoke to your child.

What To

In the sessions, strategies will be used to increase the need for you to tic, making the urge that often comes before tics as strong as possible  and then together we will work on using methods to help you take control of your tics. ​Sometimes in these sessions, we will work on all tics at the same time, but sometimes we will concentrate on the more problematic tics as and when they arise. ​You will need to practice these strategies both in the sessions and at home, both you and your parents will have some home work but nothing too much so don't worry.


The initial assessment last's approximately 1.5hours, then subsequent sessions are run on a weekly basis, and usually last 45 minutes.


Sessions are charged at an hourly rate and are to be paid for in advance either via the website at time of booking.


Clients will be assigned homework to practice which will be taught in the sessions, parents are required to help with some of the homework tasks.



There is not a cure for tic disorders and even after treatment, tics can still increase due to the natural course Tourette's takes by waxing and waning. However, after behaviour intervention you will have the tools to be able to take some control of your tics.

  A plan is  also put in place at the end of the treatment to assist in trying to prevent tics increasing too much and what to do if they do. 


Sarah Sharp: Who am I?

My name is Sarah, firstly, I am a mum to a 13yo boy with a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome and a cocktail of co-occurring conditions. I have lived first hand the battles we have to face as a parent to firstly get a diagnosis and
then to find the support that both our child and our family unit require.


Secondly I am a professional who works in behavioural interventions, my back ground is Autism, an area I have worked in for many years, both in schools and delivering behaviour therapy in clients homes & clinical settings. 

After my son was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome I became fascinated by how complex and intricate Tourettes is and how successful behaviour intervention can be for individuals with Tourette Syndrome so swiftly retrained in this area.

Due to the limited services available in and around England for children with Tourette's, I set up Tictock Therapy offering affordable behavioural intervention and support in 2018.

I have recently been nominated (2020) for a National Diversity award, as  role model in the disability sector.

As of March 2020 I am also working as the inhouse Behavioural Therapist for The Children's e-Hospital, delivering behavioural intervention to children with PANDAS. 



June 2018 ~ Comprehensive Behaviour Intervention for Tics (CBiT), Tourette's Action

September 2015 ~ July 2017 Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis, university of Kent.

September 2014 ~ December 2014 Registered Behaviour Technician training 
September 2013 ~ August 2014, Certificate of Education in Autism, Birmingham University. 
6th/7th June 2012, Team Teach
2012~2013, level 4 diploma social work with families and children. Passed at Distinction level.
2004~ 2005, City college, Early Years Childcare and Education NVQ level 2. (Please note I studied the full course but did not have it graded as I had terrible illness in my first pregnancy)
2003~ 2004 City College, AVCE business advanced
2002~2003 BHASVIC, GNVQ business studies, Distinction

I do not have a medical back ground, I work purely in behavioural intervention only.




Online Behavioural Intervention for Tics. Face to Face Therapy also available in East Sussex


01273 438527

 Tictock Therapy

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