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Tics in the classroom - Individual/self paced

  • 6Weeks
  • 18Steps


This 4-module course has been created to educate you on tics and Tourette's with a specific lean towards tics in the classroom or group setting. The learning objective of this programme is to educate you around the basics of tics and Tourettes, learn how the environment can impact tic frequency and severity, gain an understanding of tics and the impact they have on the young person accessing education and lastly to understand how best to support the young person with tics in the classroom/ group setting. The course is broken down into 4, short, pre-recorded presentations and quizzes, to aid in easy step by step learning followed by a graded final assessment that you can easily fit around your work/ life schedule. This assessment is there to ensure that you have understood what has been taught, and to empower you to feel confident within a classroom setting when teaching a young person with tics. After the assessment, we will be in touch with either your CPD certificate, or the option to redo the assessment if you didn't reach the pass criteria. You must gain 80% or above to pass. You will be able to resit the assessment twice more to gain a pass/ CPD certificate. In they unlikely event that you do not pass after three attempts, you would need to re register on the training. At the end of the course, you will receive a CPD certificate of completion.

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Tics in the Classroom CPD £85pp, £85.00

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