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The difference between OCD and Tourettetic OCD (TOCD)

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

These conditions are separate conditions but they can look virtually the same.

It's important to establish which 'version' you have as treatment options vary.

In classic OCD an individual may experience intrusive thoughts and anxiety that precede a compulsion.

You may feel that something bad may happen if the ritual / compulsion isn't completed. Ie: you or someone will come to harm.

The treatment pathway for OCD is Cognitive Behaviour Intervention (CBT)

Tourettic OCD - (TOCD)

TOCD usually manifests as pure compulsions and rituals and does not have the fear element that something bad will happen if the ritual isn't completed.

These rituals are preceded by a physical sensation rather than an anxiety based thought.

TOCD is rarer than OCD and the OCD treatment pathway CBT, is usually ineffective with TOCD.

The treatment pathway for TOCD is the same as Tic intervention.

Both forms of OCD can be physically disabling and emotionally distressing, these rituals in both conditions can take hours, resulting in lateness to school, work, meetings, socialising and even going to bed.

Some individuals with TOCD these rituals that cause them the most distress from their condition.

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