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What is Copro?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Let’s talk about the Copro family.

•Who’s heard about this? •Who thinks its just swearing and

•Who thinks it’s mostly verbal with the odd flip of the bird?!

Coprolalia is the most commonly used term, and is defined as involuntary obscene words and / or phrases. Then there is Copropraxia which is defined as involuntary obscene gestures.

Did you also know that there is also Coprographia which constitutes involuntary written/ drawn obscenities and then there is Coproskepski which is involuntarily thinking obscenities These are mostly known for being linked to swearing and not much else, however did you know that anything (tic) that is deemed as inappropriate, obscene, rude, distasteful, or embarrassing is actually likely to be part of the Copro phenomenon.

👇🏻Some examples below 👇🏻

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